New Haven Then & Now

1970s photographs of downtown New Haven, recreated in 2013

This page was inspired by Andy Blair’s photos of Connecticut towns in the 1970s. I set out in March–April 2013 to recreate as many of them as I could.

News! This little project was featured in the New Haven Independent on April 26, 2013!

Click any image for details and interactive comparison fun!

About the photographer: Hi, my name is Chris Lewis and my day job is web developer and general technology guy at The Font Bureau. Before 2012 I was webmaster of for 12 years. I currently live in New Haven, Connecticut (as you may have guessed), where I enjoy singing in Yale Camerata and New Haven Oratorio Choir, making beer, and taking the occasional photograph.

Many thanks to Thomas MacMillan of the New Haven Independent for the interview. Here is my Flickr page if you want to poke through my other (random) photos!